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Method API Integration

The Method API is an interface for adding, editing and sharing data between your Method account and another program or application. API integrations reduce double data entry and swapping between work applications. Listed below are some of the solutions we have been able to create for clients using the Method API.

Work Order Email Reader

Problem: Client is a contractor for a national chain of stores. They handle all repairs and remodeling projects for the store. Whenever work needs to be done at one of the locations a work order email is sent to the client detailing the location and work that needs to be completed. The client was manually entering these work orders into Method.

Solution: Create a program that “reads” their work order emails and automatically creates the work orders in Method, eliminating the manual entry.

Current Weather Conditions

Problem: Client sprays pesticides and is required by law to log the weather conditions at the time of each application.

Solution: Create an integration with a weather service provider to record the current temperature, sky conditions and wind speed/direction when the technician marks the work order as complete.

Visit Notifications

Problem: Client needs to notify customers and neighbors that request notification, prior to visiting their property to apply pesticides. Client services 400+ properties per day and their email service limits the number of emails that can be sent in one day.

Solution: Create an integration with a transactional email service (allows unlimited number of emails per day) to notify customers and neighbors. The integration also allows sending notifications via text message for those that prefer a text instead of an email notification.

DocuSign Integration

Problem: Client creates very detailed estimates from information that is populated in Method. They needed a way for clients to electronically sign the estimate for acceptance.

Solution: Create an integration with DocuSign to send the estimate and/or contract that was generated in method to their customer through DocuSign with corresponding locations for electronically initialling, dating and signing.

Excel Estimate Import

Problem: Client has complex calculations for creating and calculating their estimates. They want the estimate to be entered in Method once the calculations are complete.

Solution: Create an Excel file that does the calculations with a button to import the final results into Method.

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